Melview Fishing Lodge back in piking action for 2024

John from Kilkenny, who is a regular angler to Melview Fishing Lodge, was up once again for a spot of pike fishing with host and guide Kevin Lyons. Over the four days John had some nice pike to 103 cm along with a few more good fish that managed to avoid the net once hooked.

Kevin had taken some time off guiding to oversee refurbishments on the lodge and to attend a number of angling trade expos in different countries – essential to meet potential clients and promote overseas angling tourism to Ireland. With all that taken care of, it was now time to get back to some fishing.

John from Kilkenny

The weather and water levels have not been perfect over the past couple of months, with high water a recurring feature of the winter, but that was not going to stop Kevin and John from getting out there for some long overdue pike fishing. During their sessions both float and ledgered dead baits were the most productive methods for the bigger pike.

Host Kevin said, ‘Great four days John – and thanks for your company’.

Steve Gilby from Staffordshire in the UK, who is also is a regular to Melview Fishing Lodge, was over once again for the first of his pike fishing trips of 2024. When it comes to pike fishing, Steve loves his dead baiting above all else and it was the method that did the trick for him during his week-long stay at the lodge.

All smiles with a nice Pike for Steve from a flooded area

Steve managed to catch some very nice pike to 105cm and host Kevin was sure that there were a couple of much larger pike that managed to shake the hooks.

Another nice one to the boat for Steve.


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