Anglers from Belgium do well at Melview Fishing Lodge despite changing weather conditions.

Jean-Pierre along with son Nick and friend Alain who are regular anglers to Melview Fishing Lodge were here once again for a spot of coarse and pike fishing.  J.P concentrated on the pike fishing while Nick and Alain coarse fished. It started with some preparation of swims for Nick and Alain along with some prebaiting while some big bream were rolling on top of the water in the calm conditions.

The following day produced lots of hybrids and big roach but the bream seemed to be put off by the hot and bright conditions, and because of all the activity from catching the hybrids and roach the pike moved in to make it less likely for the big bream to feed.

However, Jean-Pierre took advantage of this catching some nice pike from the swim. Fishing a couple of other venues seemed to be the same but did produce a few bream and a nice tench for Nick and some more pike for J.P. Strill some great fishing considering the weather. Nick and Alain have already made plans to return in October. Thanks guys!


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