Perseverance and Experience pays off for UK Anglers.

UK Anglers Mark and Dave were over for one of their annual fishing trips to Ireland and this time around stayed at Melview Fishing Lodge with host Kevin, on arrival it was decided that they would prebait and fish a venue only accessible by boat. This idea was short lived due to a few days of very high winds and it was deemed as to dangerous, however their experience of many years fishing waters in Ireland paid off for them in the end. Fishing and prebaiting another venue for a number of days started to produce fish for them, Their first day produced just over a 100lb of Hybrids between them and by the last day produced a cracking catch of both Bream and Hybrids using a feeder cast around 35 / 40 yards into 15 feet of water. Both are due back in September and sees them return to one of their regular haunts so we wish them the best of luck when they return, well done lads it was a pleasure to have you come and stay.


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