Good Bream and Tench Fishing at Melview For Visiting UK Anglers Elvin and Robin.

Elvin and friend Robin were over from the UK for their annual fishing holiday and were staying with Kevin at Melview Fishing Lodge, Elvin has stayed with Kevin a few times before and Robin is no stranger around these parts as he lived local before returning to the UK so is familiar with the waters and the surrounding areas and lakes.

On arrival we were straight out to look at a possible few venues to fish, then later it was in with the prebait for the next morning. It was a good start to the fishing and produced around 70lb of mainly Bream for them.

They split their week up by trying the Tench fishing using the Pole, every day but one produced Tench for them along with some nice Roach and Rudd. Well done lads it was a great week of laughs and fun with you guys, look forward to seeing you both again soon.


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