French pikers make light of high water in Longford

French anglers Etienne, Arnaud, Michel and Alain finished up their holiday with 195 Pike despite some poor weather conditions and very high water levels. Casting / Jerking both hard and soft lures they managed some cracking pike fishing during their stay here at Melview Fishing Lodge.

High Water

It’s been a long awaited trip after the lock downs and travel restrictions, but Kevin said the guys made up for lost time, getting off to a great first few days with some cracking fish being caught – some of them over the 100cm mark.

Water levels continued to rise throughout the week as the land waters drained off into the Lakes and Rivers. The guys taking into account the constant changes made changes of their own tracking down the fish as they moved out of the ever increasing flows and to more calm sheltered places to lay up, but there was no hiding from these guys. In some cases the guys were catching from where there would normally be a grassy bank, the water was that high..

Host Kevin said, in these conditions this was Pike fishing anglers at their best. Well done guys, you put the work and knowledge in to your fishing and deserved great result at the end. And this was all rounded off with a couple of nights of good old Irish hospitality in the town, a great time had by all.


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