Jean-Pierre from Belgium with his first pike

Angling Reports - 15 February 2017

Jean-Pierre from Belgium who is a regular at Melview Fishing Lodge was over for another week’s pike fishing recently.  Things started a bit slow due to the poor conditions. Bad weather along with very high winds made it a little dangerous to use a boat so they made do with fishing from the shore.

Kevin told us he had the pleasure of fishing with J.P. four out of his six days fishing. When they did venture out on the boat they were able to locate a great deal of bait fish and had hopes it could be a great day, however after a few hours fishing they only had a couple of fish and managed to lose two more. Water temperatures and weather conditions were not the best for feeding fish and Kevin put the lack of success down to this.

When weather deteriorated further they were forced to fish from the bank. This proved to be more productive for J.P who landed a few good fish into double figures but the less said about the ones he lost the better – isn’t that right J.P.?

J.P. is due back in June and September so Kevin is hoping the weather will be a little kinder to him.

All fish returned unharmed.

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