Pike from small to big for visiting anglers in Longford

Angling Reports - 04 October 2016

Kevin Lyons reports on some good Pike for Dutch Anglers while staying at Melview Fishing Lodge Longford.

Peter and friend Wim from Holland were over for a week’s Pike fishing and decided to stay with Kevin and Jane at Melview Fishing Lodge in Longford, the start to the week see plenty of smaller Pike to around 70cm to 80cm. As the week went on the sizes improved and Pike to 103cm were being caught, Lures and Jurk baits proved the way to go for these guys. Kevin said, these guys are experienced Pike anglers and I think if the weather conditions had been a little better they would have caught even bigger fish.

Never the less it was a good week and once again a pleasure to have them stay, hope to see you again soon thanks guys.

All fish returned unharmed.

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