Sean English 20 minutes into the session

Angling Reports - 17 March 2016

Sean English along with friend Bill were up fora long weekends Pike fishing with Kevin at Melview Lodge in Longford with nearperfect weather conditions for their trip. The first day they fished a locallake that they had been on before while staying with Kevin and all the fishcaught were taken on dead baits.

Kevin said that on the second day he had thepleasure of guiding the pair on waters that were new to them.They arrived at the first spot to fish and within a space of 30 minutesthey had landed 3 Pike. Everyone thought it was going to be one of thosedays but as time went on the fish seemed to go off the feed. We tried a coupleof other places that seemed to have plenty of bait fish but sill they seemed tobe not in the mood for feeding.

I myself had one run that was short lived when the Pike justdropped the bait. The last day they fished the same place as the day beforecatching another 4 Pike before calling it a day.  Not to worry a greatweekend with good company can’t ask for more than that.

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