Damien with some good Tench from day three

Angling Reports - 06 May 2015

Damien and Killian were up for a few days to stay with Kevin at Melview Lodge in Longford, the lads were shown a venue by Kevin and began to fish it cold just to get some bait in for the next morning. By the end of the day a few small Bream had moved onto their feed which showed some promise for the next day, lightly prebaiting that evening and returning the next morning produced some fine Bream and Tench.The weather hampered their efforts costing Damien the 3rd section of his pole after a sudden high gust of wind, Kevin said if the weather had not been so bad I’m sure they would have been able to keep the fish coming steady all day. Prebaiting once again that evening and a early start the next morning paid off for the lads as the Tench and Bream started to come for them, this was cut short by work commitments and had to pack up after just four hours. The guys said it was a shame to stop just as we had got the fish in to the swim but we will be back to finish the job again soon.    All fish released back unharmed.

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