A nice bream and a tench for Kevin Lyons

Angling Reports - 08 August 2014

Angling Guide and guesthouse owner Kevin Lyons reports on a parties of anglers from the UK who fished on waters near Melview Lodge in Longford

The Bream fishing in and around the Longford area the last ten days or so has been a little patchy due to the changing weather conditions and rain entering the systems, UK anglers Chris and Bernard who are regular visitors to Ireland and Melview Lodge mainly caught Hybrids and Roach that is until the Pike came along and spoiled things for them.

Another group of seven anglers also struggled to find the Bream, but three of them were rewarded with some very good Hybrids and Tench to around 3 lb. + ( sorry no pictures ), along with Roach and Perch. Dave M had a few good days averaging 30 to 40 lb, Kevin said any experienced angler knows that the weather and temperatures have everything to do with fishing and the fish feeding patterns so it’s no good getting upset when things don’t go your way.

Like one person once said to me, a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work.  Are the Bream starting to feed again?

After prebaiting a swim their was signs that the Bream in the area were starting to feed again after a slow period due to the heavy down pours of rain and of course some very bright conditions, a few good Bream to 5 lb. and Tench to 3 lb along with lots of Hybrids and Roach making up some good weights.  Well fingers crossed and we will see what the week ahead brings us in both fish and weather.

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