German angling journalist Uwe Pinnau reports on his annual fishing trip in Ireland…

Angling Reports - 30 April 2014

At almost every year around Easter, me and my mates took the chance to travel to Ireland, awaiting a good pike fishing in a new area. Our homebase for the week was Longford’s Melview Lodge, a nice and cosy place owned and managed by Kevin Lyons, an avid angler himself who knows what he’s talking about and what his guests have to do to succeed finally.  Fishing started a little slow and pike didn’t seem to be in a hot feeding mood, but the results increased since we got to know the spots and venues better day by day.  Lures worked along the reeds or shallow bays produced a couple of pike and were quite useful as an indicator for good spots to fish with deadbaits later on.  Deadbaits like roach, hybrids, perch, lamprey and mackerel were the good choice we expected them to be and brought some decent pike up to 93 cm and 101 cm!  Some strange but solid runs on deadbaits left us staring on the surface, wondering what might have happened, because we couldn’t manage to set the hook even on a single attempt. Talking about it later we drew the conclusion that it might have been big trout.  All in all we caught around 100 pike, many males and even some fish which obviously didn’t finish spawning yet. To make a long story short we had a brilliant time and it was far too early when we had to leave again.
Uwe Pinnau

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