Ian Marshall switched to roach when the Bream didn’t feed

Angling Reports - 22 September 2011

Darren Hurst and friend were over to stay with Kevin and Jane at Melview Lodge for their first time, they were straight in to the fishing the following day which was a bit slow but expected. After prebaiting and fishing the venue for a few days some fish started to show but this was cut short, with raising water levels, rain and high winds it made it impossible to fish.  Kevin said we always have a  plan ” B”, a simple switch of venue and the fish were there waiting. Kevin also said if you are willing to change the species and your expectations of catching lots of Bream then you can have just as much enjoyment catching Hybrids, Roach and big perch like these lads did. Next week we will see what kind of effect the weather has had on the fishing.

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