Ad van Kollenburg – Franks father from Holland

Angling Reports - 08 September 2008

Last week a group of anglers from Holland called “The Moaikes Moaten” translated means Maggot Mates, they decided to give Ireland a try. When they arrived at Melview lodge the weather was very poor and in most places the water levels were still very high. This failed to put off Ton, Wim, Ad and son Frank. Kevin commented that the of the two venues which were pre-baited on their arrival, the first was flooded. This turned out to be no problem for these lads as they even had platforms you can stand on in the water ( all coarse anglers should get one ). They fishing there for two days and had some great mixed bags of Bream, Hybrids and Roach. The remaining part of their holiday was spent on a swim 40 feet deep and here they had their best catches. Again most of their catch was Bream, Hybrids, Skimmers and Roach. Kevin commented that they managed to have some great catches despite the bad weather conditions. Catch up again next week when we see some of the nice Bream they are catching at present.

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