John from Salisbury in Wilts with a nice dark Bream

Angling Reports - 04 June 2008

Clive and John from Salisbury Wilts returned to Melview Lodge for another weeks fishing and a good one it turned out to be. During the week they caught some cracking Bream to over 6lbs, Tench, Roach and Hybrids. On one session John and Clive had caught really well and we were expecting a great picture of the fish, however Johns net had been attacked by big Pike and little did we know until afterwards it had ripped two big holes in his keep net. So as john carried on catching and putting the fish into the net they were swimming straight out the other end, When John lifted his net there were only a few fish and a large Bream left. The lads still enjoyed a great days fishing and will no doubt return to try their luck again next year.

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