Weather conditions hamper catches

Angling Reports - 07 September 2005

David, Rob and Trevor from Northampton along with Mick, Les, Andy and Colin from Nuneaton decided to spend their yearly trip to Ireland with Kevin and Jane at Melview Lodge Longford. The week started with catches of Bream and Tench being caught then a big change in the weather slowed things right down. Bright sun with very little wind caused the fish to stop feeding, so the catch weights reduced towards the end of the week.

Strokestown lakes have been fishing very well before the bright weather came along, we are due for some rain and overcast weather so things will improve again over the next few days.
Pigeon Island at Roosky has seen a lot of the fish normally around the Island area move elsewhere, so a bit of time spent with a fish finder would do the job. The other lakes around Roosky have been producing some good weights of small Roach and Hybrids.

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